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Multimedia Production 


The worlsd of photography and aerial photograpy hes been revolutionized by the use od Drones. The UAS are now an indispensable tool in the field of video production and, in the world of images and visual art. 

In the air as on the ground, our drones are revolutionary: they simplify the shooting process and allow inique panoramas and unusual points of view; this allows us to tell the story of each client, tp exite and inform. 

FTO REMOTEFLY, through collaboration with direction and video production professionals, takes care of every aspect of the project, from ideation (storytelling) to post-production, to delivery of the final product. 

Thanks to the use of machines and sensors specifically designed for photography and aerial film shoots, it is possible to obtain stabilized images in 4K / 6K and full HD video up to 60fps. Our aim is not simplt to provide a video or photos, but exite and create emotions. 

In this sector FTO REMOTEFLY  believes and incests also in new application technologies, in particular:

- 360° video
- VR (virtual reality)
- AR (augmented reality)

The refereence market is certainly very large and with different production needs: from the collection of photographs for advertising purposes (e.g. events, brochures, sites) to high-impact multimedia productions, such ad documentaries, commercials, institutional videos, guided tours interactive in 3D, emotional videos and in support of the marketing campaign and social media. 

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