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FTO REMOTEFLY has always been at the forefront of experimenting with new technologies, sensors, drones, software and with putting ideas and projects into practice, transforming them into experience and know-how.

Among the services we offer, on specific needs and structured projects, there is the resale of UAS (drones), in particular of the brand DJI (undisputed market leader), of which we are partners and users since our birth. We are not just a store, we tend to create an integrated solution around the customer's need, providing both the hardware and software needed and, if required, high-level strategic consulting to meet our client's needs. 

FTO REMOTEFLY participated together with ENAC in the most recent B-VLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) flight experiments, that is flight without the visual contact between pilot and UAS; Veryfew companies can boast this experience, which raises our know-how and ability to respond to the operational needs of a constantly evolving market. 

Our experience in fields such as precision agriculture, aerial photogrammetry and environmental monitoring provides a wide range of application expamples and customized solutions depending on the project and the technological and market challenges. We operate both in Italy and abroad, thanks to our headquarters FTO REMOTEFLY AMERICA.

Our company has been collaborating for years with Universities and Research Institutes, both in providing high-level training (eg Master GISCIENCE Universit of Padua) and in providing drones and pilots for experimental projects for scientific and technical purposes. 

Our consulting services:
· Drones / UAS DJI resale
· Sensor sales
· Software resales
· Consulting for ENAC operators
· Consulting for experimental projects 
. Strategic consulting for start-ups
. Training courses for technicians and end users 

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