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  • We have learned how to fly high

    Current technology makes it possible to do exceptional things and to overcome the limits of the past. When combined with respect for the environment, the power of new technologies can really make the difference.

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  • Training and courses

    We offer professional training courses with the aim of making future UAS pilots fully aware, informed, capable and responsible ACCORDING TO/BASED ON the ENAC and EASA aviation standards.

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  • More than just a drone (UAS) shop 

    We are not just a store, but we tend to create an integrated solution around the customer’s need, providing both hardware and software and, if requested, high-level strategic consulting to meet market needs.

A company made up of people


Since 2009 we are the national reference point in the field of Remote piloted aircraft system (RPAS), the well-known drone, both for the training of pilots and for the supply of specialized services and operations, with a fleet of high level drones and application technologies.

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Technical surveys and Monitoring

The use of data collected through technologically advanced aerial platforms guarantees technical/scientific results that allow economic saving and allow the optimization of the decision-making process.
We provide a wide range of solutions for every kind of project.


Multimedia promotion

We design and realize emotional videos for corporate communication, which tell the story of each of our clients through evocative panoramas and high resolution aerial shots, even with 360° view and virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR).


Training and courses UAS

To make future pilots and technicians who will use the UAS in their job activities fully aware, informed, capable and responsible. 


Technical and strategic advice 

At the forefront of experimenting with new technologies and technical solutions: sensors, drones, software and flight operations (eg BVLOS); we transform projects into experience and know-how destined for growth and development.

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